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  1. These General Terms of Sale govern the sale of products and services by ADAMLABS and affiliates (collectively, “ADAMLABS”) to clients. Additional terms may apply for services provided by ADAMLABS. If these additional provisions are not in accordance with General Terms of Sale, additional terms will apply to the General Terms this sale
  2. Please read these terms carefully before placing an order with ADAMLABS. By accepting an order with ADAMLABS, the client is deemed to have agreed to these terms.
  3. Our invoices must be paid within 30 (thirty) working days, except other payment terms indicated on an invoice or order. If there is no payment by the due date due, ADAMLABS reserves the right to suspend all service provision without warning in advance if there is a delay in payment.
  4. ADAMLABS undertakes to do its best to provide services in a timely manner according to the agreed timeframe. ADAMLABS cannot, under any circumstances, required by the client to appear as a third party in the context of any indemnification claim filed to clients by end consumers. 
  5. ADAMLABS reserves the right to change these terms at any time without prior notice. Client will be subject to the provisions in force at the time of receipt of such terms. All of our contractual relationships will be governed exclusively by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia Indonesia. Any disputes that may arise will be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction Indonesian District Court (PN).